As Respect The Underground’s resident ‘Boogeyman’ , Mic Myers is a menace in the streets and a technician in the studio. Displaying a dynamic confluence between the realm of horrorcore and enlightened confessional subplots, Myers’ introspective style and lyrical prowess carves a unique path, amplified by the same depth and darkness poignantly woven into his Noztalgia produced beats.

Deep Roots Studio’s bloodthirsty rapper has been writing, freestyling and recording for nearly two decades, undeniably evident in the musical maturation of his new album “The White Horse”, ready to drop later this fall. After two years of recording, endless sacrifice through campaigning, cultivating fans as a founding co-host of My Radio Phoenix’s Lyricist Lounge Show on Support District Radio, and collaborating with independent label and RTU mainstays, the Boogeyman has spared no expense to ensure everything is left on the table with his new release.

In posturing himself to stand out from the crowd, the mask wearing, knife wielding emcee begins his memorable performances rising from a foggy, true-pine coffin, built to house a real cadaver at 6ft under. His countless appearances onstage include noted slots with Kid Ink, Twista, Joyner Lucas, Wu-Tang, Brother Lynch Hung, DMX and Action Bronson amongst headlining his own shows and having an active part in the AZ Hip Hop festival for 4 years running. Myers’ online dwelling has music videos accumulating over 200k views and more YouTube and facebook performances to boot. Mic’s music reaches fans from all walks of life across the world who appreciate new age rap that doesn’t conform, with a growing following that seems to infiltrate various subgenres of Hip Hop and Rap music culture. The peerless pioneering behind his pulsating showmanship harmonized with the brazen, broad stroke provocation within his lyrical content traditionally require more than a single introduction.

Just as the Holy Bible and Rob Zombie both reference the White Horse, Mic Myers’ new album interrogates the paradox between good and evil, symbolic to the internal struggle between Mic Myers and Adam. Persona vs. Person; Ego vs. alter-ego. It’s possible that Myer’s personal demons, once stimulating his passion for the subversive nightmare riddled dimension of rap-noir, are now curtailing into numb darkness and exhausting deadweight; leaving room for only the reformist direction of enabled freedom. What was once a blessing could now very well be his curse. Mic wrestles with this enigma throughout the album, offering the death of himself and laying ground for the rebirth of the man behind the mask. This album is the closest fans and listeners can get to the seemingly cursed and abysmal artist.

The album also lays ground for impressive guest appearances from Seven Trill, Bag Of Tricks Cat, St. Pierre, Justin Wright and ZennyPhantom. Driving forces providing uncompromising collective efforts should be credited to Ryan Downing, Captain of Deep Roots Studios and 1/2 of Noztalgia Productions, along with Edgar Gomez, along with the professional affirmations and direction from Respect the Underground leader and president Justus.

From White Horse’s concept song “Stunt Creep” (dedicated to Tarantino’s Death Proof) to being the very first album releasing an artwork and lyric book insert thoroughly rendered via 3D anaglypghs with 3D glasses, it’s clear the Boogeyman drew inspiration from many sources to complete such an advanced project. Some of these sources include Quentin Tarantino, accredited horror-flick fashion designer and artist Butch-o-vision and Austrian artist, Asadmind , but none more prevalent than his childhood friend whom bestowed the gift of confidence in Myers at a young age before passing unexpectedly. Since their death, Myers has taken his bold rhyming skillset to new levels of dedication to honor his fallen friend's early fanhood and friendly advice. It is clear through this project that Mic has provided both a  doorway to his soul and a window to his future. What a fucking ride this body of work should prove to be.


The White Horse 10/31/18

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The White Horse: The White Horse 3D special (100)
  • The White Horse: The White Horse 3D special (100)
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The physical version of The White Horse will only be available via special edition and will be limited to only 100 copies. Each pre-order will include an exclusive art book and lyric book Illustrated by ASADMIND and will be rendered fully in 3D anaglyph form. Each copy of the album will be signed by The Boogeyman himself and will include a pair of limited edition Mic Myers 3D glasses.

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